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December 2014


Chasing Boston in 2015

I’ve set one giant goal for this year, qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  The qualifying time for my division is a 3:45:00 marathon.  It’s going to be tough but anything worth achieving will always have obstacles to tackle.

Let me rewind to 2013.  In November 2013 I ran the New York City Marathon in 3:49:38, I was thrilled to finally break 4 hours.  Three weeks later I ran Williams Route 66 Marathon Tulsa which didn’t go over very well.  My time was sub 4 hour but not a Boston qualifying time and it wasn’t better than my current PR (personal record).  I had a nagging feeling that maybe the excitement in NY was the reason I broke 4 hours.  Also, the race time weather was less than ideal in Tulsa, über cold for this Texan.  My qualifying time eluded me for 2013, Tulsa was my last race of the year.  I was registered for a couple marathons in January 2014 but I was scheduled to have surgery once we returned from running Marathon Bahamas January 2014. Continue Reading


Running in the new year!

What a long year it has been…  I am finally back running after a stress fracture.  I sit here thinking about the coming year and the goals I would like to reach.  I am registered to run the Dopey Challenge at Disney World in January.  It will be my first marathon in 51 weeks.  I had planned to run 7 marathons in 2014 but due to injuries I only completed 2.  Dopey is going to be a fun run.  I have no plans of running thru Disney.  I plan to stop at every photo op along the course.  I’m not ready to race, just ready to run. Continue Reading