Our Story


Malissia Zapata

I am a MarathonManiac®.  “I’m a Marathoner!” is my mantra when times get tough.  I have a career that I love, I’m a Board Certified OB/Gyn.  I enjoy taking care of women.  I promote health and have encouraged many women to run full and half-marathons.  My schedule is haphazard due to the nature of my career.  Running helps to keep my sanity.  Running is my passion, it is My Time For Me.  When I’m out on a run, this is the time during the day that I’m doing something for me.

This running journey started in high school when I knew I wanted to run a marathon someday.  It took me 20 years to get to the startline but, I completed my first marathon in my favorite city Las Vegas. I was injured and my finish time was less than stellar.  I swore I would never run another.  13 months later, I was back to the starting line.

I have other interest; playing poker and I am a newlywed.  The goal for this site is for me to share my running and life experiences.  It will be my story and I hope you enjoy reading.  I will make rookie mistakes at races.  I will train bad and eat even worse.  The one constant will be my competitiveness with my sister.  I love her but, I want to beat her bad!  She’s faster, younger, and thinner but, one day I will have my day in the sun.

A marathon can mimic many situations in life.  The start is festive, promising, and hopeful.  The middle is a steady pace requiring patience and fueling.  The last is the grit, it shows us how bad we want something and the obstacle we are willing to overcome to achieve it.  The finish is simply joy.  All doubt and pain are gone with accomplishment overshadowing all things previous.


Melanie Humphrey

Wow, I can’t hardly believe we are actually blogging! My sister and I have talked about this for so many years and now we are really doing it!!

Here goes nothing!  My name is Melanie, I wear many hats… I’m a mom, wife, sister, friend, runner, yogi and a PE teacher for kids in K-5th grade.  I have 2 great kiddos, ages 16 and 13.  Did I really say that out loud?!?!  I’ve been married for almost 19 years.

My sister and I began this CRAZY running journey in 2006 when she decided that I needed to train and run a half-marathon with her, being the good younger sibling I agreed.  Honestly, I always ran but my idea of a run was 2-3 miles max and that was pushing it!!!  She said we would train to run a marathon as well.  I hadn’t even ran my first half and she had me signing up to run a full marathon!!  I remember asking her the BIG question “How far is a marathon?”  When she said 26.2 miles I thought… I can do that.  I hadn’t even ran 13.1 and I was agreeing to run double that, and to top it off I was injured!  Classic rookie runner mistake, too much, too soon.  However, this rookie mistake lead me to fall in love with running.  The punishment is always followed with pleasure.

It has been 9 years since we began this running journey.  During this time I found a second passion, practicing yoga.  I had always enjoyed yoga, I practiced on and off for many years.  But I decided to incorporate it into my training in hopes that it would help prevent the injuries that kept coming up due to the mileage we run.  I found it to be very beneficial to my training.  Not only do I feel better and my injuries are fewer and further between, I’m faster and as an older runner faster is always welcome!!  Along with getting faster, I’m also getting stronger and I’m seeing changes in me that I thought were not possible.  So with a BIG and I mean BIG push from my husband, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor.  It has been a tough road but it is a journey that I am so grateful that I embarked on.  My goal is to share my love for both running and yoga with you folks.  I look forward to this new road I have decided to take with my sister, my best friend.

Much love and gratitude to you all!